The new GT3 is a technology market leader.

Designed based on a long line of proven grape harvesters recognized for their picking quality. The GT3 is the new high-performance and innovative solution in Gregoire's product range in tow behind harvesters. It retains the core value of the brand while the use of proven technology to make it operator friendly with low operating costs. 

In terms of technical innovation, GT3 is the first ISOBUS towed harvester available on the market reducing the need for an extra screen in the tractor. There are 2000 litres bins on each side, meaning the GT3 has the largest carrying capacity on the market. Coupled with the newly designed wide-angle drawbar, connected direct to the tractor, boosting manoeuvrability whilst still maintaining stability. This makes it a very appealing option to both growers and contractors.

You are looking for a harvester, with proven technology, large carrying capacity and low running cost, we have the solution: GT3!




Ο  GT3 is the most ergonomically designed solution in terms of pull type harvesters. All settings, information are gathered at a unique control point for more efficiency. Every tool speed (picking head, fans, belts,…) is adjusted in real time according to settings, giving consistence working speeds and best picking results. Headland sequencing programs, which are fully adjustable and customizable are available, giving ease of row entry and exit. Color camera, inclinometer, bins sensor are also GT3 standard equipment that benefit to picking efficiency.



Ο GT3 frame has been specifically developed to cope with the most demanding situations. Lightness and robustness have been our main focus to design the most streamlined frame possible.


ARC2 picking head

Ο Trellis care, picking quality and innovation have always been associated with the GREGOIRE ARC picking head.
The new ARC2 picking head design is based on heritage. ARC2 is setting new GREGOIRE picking standards and compliments the new GT3 perfectly.


Cleaning and sorting

Ο The GREGOIRE harvest cleaning fan perform cleaning as soon as possible. This removes leaves and MOG (Materials others than grapes) before they get wet and heavy. Juice losses are minimized as bottom fans do not need work high speeds. To optimize the bottom fan efficiency GT3 is equipped with MAXflow system. 2 trapdoors located each side of main conveyor, underneath bottom fans, adjusts air intake to fans for an optimum MOG extraction. Trapdoor position and air intake can be adjusted in seconds depending of harvest conditions.

Large Bin Capacity

Ο GT3 lateral stainless steel bins offer the largest storage capacity available on the market, with the onboard carrying capacity is now 4000L. Dumping time is less, and productivity is increased..

Access and maintenance

Ο Maintenance is an integral part of a typical harvest day. Regular maintenance means an uninterrupted harvest; from the very beginning GT3 has been designed to make every cleaning and maintenance operation easy. 

Easy Clean


Sorting & De-Stemming Systems

The EASYclean system developed by GREGOIRE is an onboard sorting system designed for simplicity, resulting in low running costs and maximum cleaning efficiency.

  • Low maintenance 
  • 99.8% MOG removal 

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For vines

Minimum row spacing: 1.50m
Ground clearance: 1.95m

Draw bar with direct connection to the tractor
Automatic guidance on the row via feelers
3 point linkage hydraulic power pack
Wheel drive 
Auto guiding with with feelers 
Transmission OVER boost 
Wheel motor capacity: 820 cm3 (1260 cm3 option)
Slope correction: 700 mm/28%
No hydraulic from tractor needed 
Oil tank capacity: 70 L
Filtration system: On return and aspiration
Multifunction joystick with backlighting and arm rest 
Touch and color screen i-Monitor 8,4’’ (For no ISOBUS Tractor) 
Optional ISOBUS connection (Necessary for ISOBUS tractor) (Screen and joystick not supplied) 
Nominatives records (hours, hectares, ...) with USB extraction 
Nominatives settings with USB extraction 
Lights number (LED): 2
Flashing light automatic activation in road mode 
Flashing light automatic activation when bins are full 
Infra red colour camera: 1 (2 as option)
Harvesting head
Full harvester control and setting from driver cab 
14 shakers ARC2 ² with fast fixing FASTfit 
Catcher tray number 2x16
Pneumatic catcher tray with adjustable angle 
Catcher tray length 2200 mm
Minimum harvesting height - than 15 cm
Tunnel width 650 mm
Belts width 320 mm
Belts hydraulically driven with adjustable speed and reverse 
Picking function with low speed alarms 
Cleaning of the harvest
2 bottom fans 
MAXflow adjustable air intake 
Vertical extractors 
Optional dead wood deflector 
Optional 2 top fans
Optional EASYclean : sorting system with oscillating fingers - 99,8% cleaning 
Kick off belt high capacity for Top fan and EASYclean version: 380 mm
EASYclean hydraulic lifting: EASYclean Version
Standard stainless steel bins capacity: 4000 L (2x2000 L)
Narrow stainless steel bins capacity: 3200 L (2x1600 L)
Bin level sensor 
Emptying height: 3 m
Automatic bins filling: By worm screw
Access, cleaning and maintenance
Oversized top platform 
Centralized greasing (Automatic greasing available as an option) 
Shakers storage and tools box 
Separated control box 
Integrated washing line with water supplying on top platform